Airport To Build Go – Kart Track On Runway

Citing decreasing flights, the Erie Airport Authority has announced plans to turn the large runway into one of the world’s biggest  Go – Kart tracks.

“It’s gonna be great!” said Executive Director Derek Martin. “I mean we got, what is it? Like 8,000 feet of runway? And that expansion was expensive!”

Financial director James Pacansky concurred. “We dropped over 8 million bucks on that thing.” he told us. “We bought and tore down houses. We were going to land 747s!”

Pacansky went on to say “This is the only logical way to make use of that long runway. Who doesn’t love Go -Karts?”

When asked how a working Go – Kart track will impact air traffic, Martin said “There may be the occasional interruption for takeoffs and landings, but honestly I don’t think that will happen very often.”

Martin and Pacansky also unveiled additional plans for the airport property. These plans include redesigning the ticket counters into snack bars. “We need to make use of that space.” said Martin. “We’ll probably have a gift shop too. One that actually stays open during business hours.”

Pacansky said there will also be a restaurant. “We’re thinking of reopening the old Char House.” he told us. “Maybe get a good Funtown vibe going.”

A team of representatives from The International Federation of Go – Karts were scheduled to inspect the prospective tracks. Unfortunately they were unable to get any flights into Erie.


  1. You got to be kidding………………………..


  2. LOVE the last paragraph!


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