Brian Shank In Hiding Until Migrant Danger Has Passed

Speaking from an undisclosed underground bunker, County Councilman Brian Shank has revealed his current personal safety plan. This announcement comes on the heels of a possible migrant child residential facility in North East. 

“North East is in Erie County.” Shank told us. “And that’s awfully close.” Shank has publicly supported North East’s overwhelmingly non – minority population in their opposition to the children living in their community.

“Frankly, I’m terrified,” he said. “We don’t even know the ages of these kids. I mean some of them could be as old as 8 or even 10. We’re talking about public safety here.”

When asked when he will emerge from hiding, Shank said “I will remain here until the danger has passed. I’ll make my triumphant public return when the facility is voted down. In the meantime I want the good people of North East to know that my thoughts and prayers are with them as they navigate this crisis.”


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    home-brewed political cartoon.

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