Are There Sharks In Lake Erie?

A recent post that was shared in the Lorain Ohio Facebook group caused quite a panic when it showed a group of sharks purported to be in Lake Erie. The Ohio Division of Wildlife was quick to debunk the photograph. They claimed the picture was actually taken in Puerto Rico and that there are no sharks in Lake Erie.

Gooferie spoke to Penn State Behrend marine biologist, Dr. Marlin Gill, to clarify this potentially dangerous issue. Dr. Gill examined the photograph and gave us his expert opinion.

“I looked at the picture with a magnifying glass.” he told us “We don’t have the budget for a microscope. But it doesn’t take a high powered lens for me to say that the photograph in question was definitely taken on the shores of our very own Lake Erie.

Dr. Gill disagreed with the finding of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. “I mean they’re from Ohio.” he said. “What do they know? Erie is in Pennsylvania.”

Dr. Gill explained that several great white sharks swam through the St. Lawrence Seaway about 6 years ago. “I have been observing them. Somehow they acclimated to the lack of salinity and established a breeding population.”

He went on to say that sharks have also become accustomed to cold temperatures. “What I’ve discovered is that the freezing water actually makes them bigger and stronger.” Dr. Gill is currently writing a thesis on Lake Erie’s Freshwater Great White Shark Population. “It’s gonna be big.” he tells us. “Career changing. I might even move up to the main campus! The REAL Penn State University. Microscope here I come! Oh, yes, and be careful out there. Sharks are deadly.”


  1. John wroblewski says:

    Dr Gill needs to research the mystery of the Lake Erie Lake Snake. It is unique to only the southern shore of Lake Erie. It possess a deadly threat to human kind. It’s biologically name is, dum mentula, and was first identified as a rare and deadly threat by the famous Nobel prize winning biologist Dr I. Am. Wackos in 1995 when the Lake Snake was found on Beach 11 by Park Ranger Ronald Shorts. He was quoted “OMG it’s so long” . The Pennsylvania Game Commission declined comment for fear of causing a riot and mass exodus from Presque Isle. The Lake
    Snake was immediately taken to University of Pennsylvania School of Fresh Water Studies safe from the public. Rumor has it some still exist in Lake Erie


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