Cathedral Prep To Relax Academic Standards For Girls

Mr. William Patoot, Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs at Cathedral Prep/villa has
announced the relaxation of some academic standards for incoming Villa students. “We here at Prep thought this issue should be addressed before the merger between the two schools next school year.” Patoot told us.
He added that not all classes will drop their previously stringent requirements. “Just math and science, of course. We don’t want to be sexist here. Just sensitive to the needs of these girls.” Patoot said that honors math and science will still be available for the boys. “The young ladies will be required to take remedial math and science classes. Some of our more advanced senior boys will be available for tutoring. We want to keep the playing field level.”
Mr. Patoot stated that he wanted to make sure that the Villa girls will be welcomed at Cathedral Prep. “We may have a reputation as a bit of an old school boys club.” he said “But that is simply not true. “After all, Our Lady the Virgin Mary is the Queen of Prep. Would we have elected a female queen if we weren’t accepting of women?”
Cathedral Prep has also announced the addition of several home economic classes such as sewing ,
cooking and parenting. When asked if the young boys will be required to take these classes Patoot
responded “What? No!”

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