EDDC To Replace Lost Food Vendors

The EDDC announced today that the departing Food Hall vendors will be replaced with “snack tables”. John Persinger, head of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation, assured Gooferie that the loss of Lucky Louie’s and “that bakery…I forget what it was called…” is not a bad sign that the State Street food court is in any danger of closing. 

“Food halls are always evolving.” he told us. “This has allowed us to be innovative. We have decided to replace these sellers with snack bars, if you will.”

Persinger explained his plans for this new area of the Food Hall. “Basically, we will set up a table. On this table will be a bowl of snacks that will change daily.”

He was not able to elaborate on the snack menu. “We really haven’t come to any conclusions. It’s going to be a great variety though. Maybe chips. Popcorn, pretzels. Who knows? We might even get a little crazy and add some Bugles.” Persinger was quick to add that future snack selections will depend on profitability.  “Of course, if this all goes well we will definitely be adding some higher end items. Stuff like that pre-made Chex Mix and flavored pork rinds.”

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