Charity To Aid Bald Eagles Based In Erie

The success of breeding populations of bald eagles here in Erie County has led to many more sightings of these majestic birds. Gooferie spoke to the president of the Presque Isle Audubon Society, Dr. Boyd Chitt, about what can be done to assist the growing number of bald eagles in our area.

“The eagles do pretty well for the first five years.” said Dr. Chitt. “But as they reach maturity and develop white head feathers they start to become self-conscious.” He went on to say “Our local Audubon Society has always been sympathetic to the plight of these birds.”  

To save these beautiful eagles from embarrassment Dr. Chitt has announced the formation of the ‘Wigs For Bald Eagles” program. This charitable organization will operate under the auspices of the Erie Audubon Society.

“We are gratefully accepting donations to the wig program.” said Dr. Chitt. “Once we have a decent supply of little wigs our volunteers will humanely capture the eagles. After that it’s a simple process of weaving the artificial hair into the feathers.”

If you would like to contribute please contact the Presque Isle Audubon Society.



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