Free Cars For Erie Residents

The city of Erie has fallen far behind in their removal of parked cars. Since the last snowstorm the city has attempted to tow hundreds of snowed – in parked cars. The concern is that these automobiles are preventing the plow trucks from clearing the streets.

Unable to keep up with the amount of vehicles, Mayor Joe Schember in collaboration with the Erie Police Department have announced the “Free Cars For Criminals!” program. 

Deputy Assistant To The Deputy Chief, Parker Hamme, explained how this new plan works.

“Now is the time to put those hotwiring skills to use.” Hamme told us. “We need these cars cleared out ASAP.” Hamme explained that all patrol officers will turn away from anybody seen attempting to steal a snow covered car on the street. 

“Grab a shovel and help us move these cars. We won’t pursue any criminal charges. Just get them out off the side streets.”

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