Erie Zoo To Offer Animal Pooping Exhibit For Children

Due to the success of the animal feeding exhibits, and knowing a child’s natural
curiosity and affinity for all things poop related, the Erie Zoo has announced a
special program that will allow children ages 3-8 to view the animals when nature
Tentatively called Zoo Poo, the program will take place one to three hours after
feeding time, depending on the animal. “We got the idea from seeing how many
children’s books there are about poop,” said interim zoo spokesperson Amanda
Baer. “We think this will be big business, pun intended.”
Zane Lyon, caretaker of the rhinoceroses, thinks the children will be delighted.
“We call Bumper the rhino ‘Old Faithful.’ Exactly one hour after 50 pounds of
cabbage goes in, 46 pounds goes out.”
Baer is stressing that this program is for children ages 3-8 only. “As we’ve had to
explain to hundreds of callers, this exhibit is solely for children.”

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