Brenton Davis To Remove Stop Signs, Rescind Speed Limits

Newly elected County Executive Brenton Davis has announced the pending removal of all stop signs within Erie County. “Look, everybody drives differently.” Davis told us. “It’s not the government’s job to tell people when to stop driving.”

Davis went on to say that he believes that Erie County drivers are capable of making their own decisions about what they do in the privacy of their own automobiles. “For that reason we will also be rescinding speed limits in Erie County.”

“Some drivers like to go fast and some like to go slowly along and enjoy the scenery. My opinion is that speed should be up to each individual driver.”

When asked if he has consulted PennDOT or Traffic Engineering officials, Davis said that he hadn’t considered it. “Certainly I’ve heard of PennDOT, but Traffic Engineering? Is that even a thing?”


  1. Erzsi Juhasz says:

    Is he for real???? I cannot even begin to imagine no speed limit! I can see accidents, insurance rates going up, road-rage. No stop signs?? This is crazy!


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