Presque Isle Announces Annual Deer Hunt For Sissies

Presque Isle State Park will be holding their annual “Deer Hunt For Sissies” on Wednesday December 7th and Thursday December 8th. “This is a great opportunity for guys who have difficulty hunting out in the deep woods.” said park ranger Pat Dexter.

“Shooting deer is a lot easier here on the Peninsula.” he told us. “Firstly, there are no bears here. No dangerous animals that might frighten away wussies.” He went on to say that the park being surrounded by water means the animals have less opportunity to escape. “I mean where are they gonna go, right?”

According to Dexter,  the annual hunt is popular with many different types of hunters. “Maybe a guy is too out of shape to go traipsing through miles of woods.” he said. “The park is only 7 miles with lots of easy trails.” 

Poor shooting ability? “No problem. We’ve got ya. The deer here at Presque Isle are practically tame. They’ll walk right up to you. Ya really can’t miss!”

Dexter is also promoting the hunt for men who were unable to kill a deer during the regular season. “It’s tough for guys who don’t come home with a buck.” he said. “Their families are disappointed. Their bros make fun of them. Feelings get hurt. They don’t get the pleasure of posing with a big bloody dead animal on social media.“ Anxious hunters have already been spotted setting out their life sized-deer decoys.


  1. I have hunted presque isle the past eight years, this year I harvested 2 of the seven deer that were taken. The deer hunting on presque isle is basically the exact opposite of what is described by dexter, he has clearly never tried it for himself. The deer are well aware that they are being hunted when people leave the trails and enter their territory. Also they have super thick cover on alot of the isle that makes it a very difficult hunt. Every one will get lucky at some point, but this is no hunt for sissies if they are looking to be successful!


  2. Douglas Bailey says:

    How can I do this for next year I never new about this and would love to do this


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