Anti – Quarantine Protester at Perry Square


  1. Harry Gauriloff says:

    OMG what a shame People will die but I need my nails done!!!


  2. Fabulous. I feel the same way. I now have three new pair of pants that no one has ever seen me wear. That’s a tragedy.


  3. The. coronet virus? Really? Get a life you dumb broad.. This is fricking reality. Go back home and cut your hair and nails. You poor baby. And duct tape your mouth so no. Ore stupid comes out.


  4. linda wozniak says:

    are you kidding me??? if your hair and nails are more important than the lives of those you proclaim to love and care for- DO THEM YOURSELF!!!!! everyone wants to reopen the economy- but do it so that ALL people can live another day to hug- appreciate- and care for the people who mean the most to them- you may just save the life of your hairdresser and manicurist!!! AND WEAR A MASK WHILE YOU ARE OUT IN PUBLIC!!! if not for others for those you profess to love!!!!


  5. Charlie M. says:

    Look at the name of the site!


  6. This was a staged joke


  7. The Great Ronaldo says:

    Tremendous acting performance! Bravo!


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