Ice Fisherman Not Giving Up Just Yet

Local ice fisherman Chris Geddes has vowed not to give up on ice fishing this season, even as Erie continues to experience an above average temperature winter. “We still might get a late winter freeze,” said Geddes, who is a fourth generation ice fisherman. “My father used to take me out on the bay, just as his father took him; all the way back to my great-grandfather, who tragically froze to death during the winter of 1903.”
Geddes takes his truck out to Presque Isle every weekend, hoping to see a coating of ice thick enough to support him and his auger and what he calls his “lucky bucket.” “The water just isn’t cold enough, so I’ve been bringing trays of ice cubes from home and tossing them in the water. So far, it hasn’t done much good.”
He’ll be the last Geddes to ice fish, as his son doesn’t want anything to do with sitting on an overturned five gallon bucket freezing to death. “My son thinks it’s just sitting out there all day while the wind and the snow whip around. But there’s so much more to it.” When asked specifically what more there is to it, Geddes paused for a moment, and then admitted he couldn’t think of anything.

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