Rich Lady Wants Taxpayers to Save Her House from Lake Erie

Local rich lady Delores Kostara, who owns an expensive house on Lake Erie, is requesting that taxpayers pay to have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers somehow reroute Lake Erie so she can continue to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Kostara says the Army Corps of Engineers should drop all their other projects, and focus their efforts on preserving her shoreline abode. “I think they could take the money from the Presque Isle sand replenishment program and divert it to my house. I know tourism is important, but so are my sunsets,” said Kostara.
When asked if taxpayers might harbor some resentment contributing to save her private beach, Kostara said, “I think people will be heartened to know that some of their hard earned money will be going to ensure I’ll be able to sip lemonade on my deck and enjoy a view of Lake Erie most people can only dream of.”
Kostara’s heartbreaking story will be featured on tonight’s local news, right after a story of a family of four who lost everything they had in a fire.


  1. Yep, sounds about right. We have a few local homeowners who complain that their waterfront homes are subjected to waves during high winds and ice/snow during winter. As my husband always says, “So don’t buy along the waterfront.” We don’t have such problems at our inland suburban home – well, except for snow, but hey, this is Western New York.


  2. John Stockhausen says:

    Ms. Kostera doesn’t know that she’s second in line. I already contacted the Corps of Engineers asking if that sand could be used to pile up under my house about 40 feet so that I could see that sunset too.



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