Children’s Axe Throwing Room to Open

With the increasing popularity of axe throwing in Erie, a local businessman has announced plans to open “Happy Hatchet Axe Throwing”, a children’s only axe throwing room next to Chuck E. Cheese in Summit Towne Center. “It’s an untapped market,” said owner Stuart Murdoch. “Erie already has a place where adults can throw axes, but nobody was thinking of the children.”
Murdoch announced that leagues will be forming by age groups. “We already have eight children signed up for our 3 to 6 year old league, and that includes a two and a half year old who is very mature for his age.”
When asked about safety concerns about children flinging axes, Murdoch stated, “I’d like parents to know that we will have safety measures in place, so they won’t have to worry about their children being harmed.” As for what kind of specific safety measures, Murdoch replied. “You know…measures. For safety.”
In other Summit Towne Center business news, a new children’s prosthetic warehouse will be opening next to Happy Hatchet in March.

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