PA Game Commission Warns Of New Predator

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has asked residents to be aware of a new canine predator lurking in our local woods. In the past month there have been multiple sightings of Coypoodles. This poodle / coyote hybrid has been making itself at home in Pennsylvania’s forests. Hunter Gunn, spokesman for the PA Game Commission, says he is unsure of the animal’s origin . “I think it may have come from, like, France, maybe?” Not too much is known about the coypoodle but Gunn was able to tell us a few known facts. “About 75 percent of them are named Fifi or Pierre.” he said. “They tend to prance rather than walk.”
Hunters wishing to shoot these wild dogs must get special permits from both the Game Commission and the AKC. Gunn cautions people against approaching coypoodles. “If you see one while walking in the woods please do not attempt to place a pink rhinestone collar on the animal. Some of them might like it but others will just get pissed off and attack.”
It must be noted that coypoodles are not to be confused with the similar but much less dangerous Pooyote.

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