Local Environmentalists Concerned About Amount Of Paper In Slomski Laughlin Mailings

With only weeks left to go before the election, local environmentalists have raised the alarm about the amount of deforestation caused by the plethora of flyers from state senate candidates Julie Slomski and Dan Laughlin. “We’re very concerned.” said Dr. Eric D. Haffabee, Dean of Environmental Studies at Penn State Behrend. He added, “My graduate students have been out collecting the postcards and our preliminary findings are rather disturbing. We can’t even begin to estimate the trees that have died for these mailings.” 

Gooferie reached out to both candidates. A spokeswoman for the Slomski campaign said the flyers were sourced from a local paper company. “Directly from Hammermill.” When reminded that Hammermill Paper Company is no longer operational the spokeswoman said “Oh, well at least they’re not trees from Presque Isle!” 

A spokesman for the Laughlin campaign said he was unaware of any environmental impact from the mailers. “Danny doesn’t really concern himself with all that save the trees stuff.” said the spokesman. “In any case he plans on doing great stuff with our leftover flyers. We have enough to build a small homeless shelter.”

In a related story, a spokesman at the post office on East 38th Street indicated that the candidates’ mailers have made up 42% of all local mail since September.

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