City Council Chambers to add Boxing Ring

cityhallboxingFollowing a recent near dust-up between City Councilman Mel Witherspoon and a citizen, Erie City Council held an emergency session and voted 6-0, with one abstention, to add a regulation size boxing ring to council chambers.

To make room for the ring, council will be removing 30 seats which are never occupied anyway for meetings.

Council cited Erie’s often inclement weather, stating that it’s not always feasible to step outside to fight.  Therefore, the decision was made to have an indoor arena to settle disagreements between council and citizens.

Since council bylaws state that a citizen can’t address a specific council member, the citizen will be weighed and measured to match them up with a council member of similar height and weight – much to Liz Allen’s relief. Council also reminds residents that wagering is not allowed.

Upon hearing this recent development, Lou Bizzarro is said to be considering a run for council.




  1. KEVIN R T says:

    Gives ‘Political Sparring’ a whole new meaning…


  2. This kinda interesting to watch in person. And somewhat funny at the same time! Great post and amazing blog!



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