Persinger to use Campaign Vehicle as Food Truck

persingerfdtrckAfter being defeated in the Erie mayoral race, John Persinger has decided to go into business as a food vendor, using the RV from his campaign.

The vehicle. which was seen around town during the mayoral campaign, has been converted in to a food truck, and will provide a variety of menu items – including some with an Erie theme:

The Schemburger – a hamburger with wilted lettuce on an old bun.

The Sinnott Platter – a chunk of bologna that just sits there on the plate.

The Snowbelt Sno-Cone which has 1-2 inches of flavored ice in the city, 2-4 inches south of I-90.

The Ultimate Erie Sandwich – a Smith’s hot dog covered in Greek sauce on a pepperoni ball served ala mode with Blue Moon ice cream.

The food truck will be based at the now empty lot at 4th and Poplar, but will travel to all parts of the county except the city’s lower east side.


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