Casino Worker Breaks Ankle; Is Euthanized

Euthanasia at PI Casino

Presque Isle Downs and Casino announced today that a blackjack dealer broke his leg during a game and had to be humanely euthanized. The dealer slipped on an errant ice cube and fractured his ankle, necessitating the on-call medical staff to erect a curtain behind which the employee was put down to end his suffering. “We use the curtain to make sure our customers don’t see what’s going on; we want our patrons to focus on having fun.”

Casino regular Nadine Colson witnessed the accident. “It was an ice cube in my scotch and Coke that he slipped on. I was going to pick it up once I finished my cigarette, but then I got on a hot streak and forgot about it. I hope that fellow is all right.” When informed that the worker had died, Colson responded, “That’s too bad, but at least I’m up 15 bucks!”


  1. I can’t believe casinos nowadays not taking care of their blackjack dealers. Hopefully Presque Isle Downs spays and neuters thier dealers to avoid unwanted breeding. The Humane Society should really launch an investigation into this matter.



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