Rick Griffith Gives Up


Local developer Rick Griffith, known for his positive messages on signs around town, has apparently given up hope on Erie.

The positive words on the many signs around town have been changed to messages of resignation, possibly due to the recent announcement of layoffs at General Electric.

Examples include “That’s It – I’m Packing My Bags,” written on the sign at 12th Street and Liberty, “…But at Least We’re Getting an IHOP,“ on 12th Street east of Greengarden, and the succinct message in the accompanying photograph.

Attempts to contact Griffith for comment were made very half-heartedly and not followed through upon.


  1. There comes a time when you get tired rolling a snowball up a hill


  2. Patty Shea says:

    Thank goodness he has the means to voice what a lot of people in Erie are thinking and feeling. Thank you.


  3. Bobby Baumann says:

    Didn’t GE just receive an Order for 100 locomotives from China last year?
    Keep up the Positive messages, maybe you’re the only “hope” Erie has❗️😎


  4. OMG this is just hysterical! Kudos to whoever wrote this piece!

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