Bishop Suspends Fr. Detisch For Two Masses; One Baptism

John_Detisch (103x100) (2)

In light of the recent controversy in the Erie Diocese due to Fr. Detisch’s ill-advised Twitter post, Bishop Lawrence Persico has decided to suspend Fr. Detisch for two masses and one baptism.

The bishop will also reduce Fr. Detisch’s clothing allowance, saying he hopes that Fr. Detisch will be humbled by actually having to buy “off the rack” at Wal-Mart. To his credit, Fr. Detisch says he is looking forward to visiting Wal-Mart, saying “It will give me a chance to meet some non-Prep grads.”

As for missing the baptism, Fr. Detisch said it’s not that big a deal, because the child “will probably end up attending a public school anyway.”

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