Valpak Coupon Redeemed


In what is being called a first in the Erie area, local resident Jennifer Pierce actually used a coupon from Valpak that she received earlier this week.

“I usually just throw out all the coupons I get in the mail, but for some reason, I decided to open the Valpak. After throwing out the first 30 coupons, I noticed one for a shoe repair store, and I remembered I had a boot that needed fixed”

Pierce went to Joel’s Shoe Repair, and presented the coupon to the incredulous owner, Joel Plaskett. “I immediately took the coupon and framed it right next to the first dollar I ever made” said Plaskett.

The coupon’s redemption was also celebrated at Valpak’s headquarters. Upon hearing the news, Valpak General Manager Jody Stephens walked over to a map of the United States and placed a pushpin on Erie. “First one for Erie!” he exclaimed to his empty office. “I thought for sure it would be one of the carpet cleaning places.” Stephens is already at work for the next Erie mailer which he says will feature at least five gutter replacement coupons.


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