Fr. Detisch Vows To “Get Ghetto”


Saying he feels humbled as he apologized for a tweet saying that Strong Vincent students are criminals, Father John Detisch has pledged that he will “get ghetto” in an effort to understand the daily plight of some city residents.

“Since I took over at St. Jude, I haven’t had much opportunity to be around the less fortunate, so I want to try in some way to connect with them,” said Fr. Detisch. “I have a vague memory of being in the seminary and discussing something about ‘a vow of poverty’, so maybe this plan could tie into that.”

Part of his plan, which is endorsed by the Erie Diocese, is to switch tailors to try and get a more urban vibe to his wardrobe. He has also adopted a new street name (Bigg Fatha D of Da RCC), and will actually board a city bus.

Fr. Detisch says he hopes that these efforts will lead to a better understanding between the students and faculty of Cathedral Prep and “regular people” at other schools.


  1. That’s a terrible idea dea….just let it go! So you said something dumb. We all do!



    Word is that the bishop is considering moving Fr Det’s to St Andrews. This relocation
    is being made in hopes of building neighborhood relations between the church and youth in the community.


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