Snowy Owls Concerned About Privacy

Local birdwatchers and wildlife photographers have been reporting unusual Snowy Owl activity. These beautiful Arctic birds are often seen on Presque Isle during the winter months. Lately, however, it has been reported that these majestic white owls have been strangely attired with various accoutrements. 

Gooferie spoke to Dr. Boyd Chitt, president of The Erie Audubon Society. He said they are well aware of these odd sightings. “Snowy Owls are very private birds.” Dr. Chitt told us. “They attract a lot of attention when they migrate through the Erie region.”

Due to the plethora of photographers, birders and sightseers, the owls have taken to donning disguises. “Now some owls on the Peninsula don’t mind having their pictures taken.” Dr. Chitt said. “The Great Horned and the Screech Owls are perfectly fine with it. But Snowy Owls dislike the paparazzi.”

It is requested that park visitors be respectful of the owls during their brief Erie stopover. “They will fly back to the Arctic soon. The weather is so much better there.”

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