Kishka Stolen, Zabawa on Lockdown

kISZKAPOSTEROfficials at the Zabawa Polish festival are frantically searching for the kishka, which was presumed stolen earlier today. The missing link was described as “round and firm” as well as “fully packed.” It was last seen hanging on the rack.

Zabawa spokesperson Zbigniew Piędziesięciogroszówka said the kishka, which is a sausage made from a combination of meat and grain, disappeared shortly after the festival opened.  “We are currently on lockdown, and will leave no stone unturned, and no accordion case unchecked for the missing kishka,” said Piędziesięciogroszówka as he peered into a tuba with a flashlight.

“It wouldn’t have bothered me so much if they took the shinka, or the fine kielbasa, or even the pierogis, but I wish they would give back the kishka,” said Piędziesięciogroszówka.

UPDATE: In a late development, Piędziesięciogroszówka has just announced that Jasiu has found the kishka, and has brought it back.

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