ZooBoo Fright Level Downgraded to “Meh…Not That Scary At All, Really”


In past years, the Erie Zoo’s annual ZooBoo has been rated as “Scary…but not too scary”, but this year organizers have changed that to “Meh…Not  That Scary at All, Really “. Zoo spokesperson Miles Kovak explains: “In the past, there were just enough scary things to qualify us for the base level of scariness, but this year, we had to downgrade. Today’s parents just don’t want their children frightened.” In addition parental complaints have led to all candy being offered at ZooBoo to be certified non GMO, sugarless, gluten free, kosher, peanut free and organic. Kovak told us that the “scariest thing at ZooBoo this year will be the toothbrush giveaway. It reminds kids of the dentist.”


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