Glenwood Residents Concerned Common People Will Rent Neighborhood House


Members of the Glenwood Association are expressing concern that a house in their neighborhood is being rented out to people who can’t afford to buy a house there.

“This is very unsettling,” said Glenwood resident Ron Cokun, “You should see some of the cars these renters are driving. Not one Mercedes or BMW – and some of the cars are over three years old!”

Peeking out her window as a car pulled into the driveway of the house in question, neighborhood resident Paula McMorris said, “You can tell by just looking at their hands that these people do manual labor for a living. My parents didn’t give me every advantage in life so I could live in a neighborhood with people like that!”

Board member Tom C. Baldt agreed, “There are other parts of the city where these renters would feel more comfortable, being around their own kind. Why can’t they go there?”

The Glenwood Association plans a meeting next week to address the issue. “We’re thinking of building a wall,” said Baldt. “I can’t risk having my children encounter regular people while they’re playing in the yard.” Baldt then grabbed his camera to photograph a man ringing the doorbell at his next-door neighbor’s house. “I think it’s just my neighbor’s brother, but you can never be too careful.”


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