Bianchi Honda Max Looking to Renegotiate Contract

Beloved spokesdog Max announced he is holding out for more money and will not film any more commercials until his contract is renegotiated. 

“Everyone knows I’m the actual star of those ads. Oh sure, the cars are all nice and shiny, but who’s actually looking at them. People have told me that they’d much rather have a dog in the commercials instead of all those companies using their kids.”

Max, who is acting as his own agent, added “It’s nothing personal against my daddy. He’s a great owner. He takes me for walkies, gives me treats, but let’s face it – when people come to the dealership, they’re here to see me, and maybe buy a car.” 

Max stated he will still make all his personal appearance during negotiations, and is looking forward to putting his paw print on a new contract shortly.

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