Erie County Scraps Community College Plans, Opts for Clown College Instead

After many years of trying to get a community college in Erie County, local leaders are giving that up to focus on something that is more attainable by announcing plans to open a clown college in the county.

“I know we need better paying jobs, but if we can’t have that, at least we can have a few laughs” said Community College Committee member Isobel Campbell.

Art Oligeri of Meeker Marshall Shoes stated, “This is great news. My store currently has a surplus of oversize shoes.”

“I guess there’s fundamentally not much difference between making a locomotive and making balloon animals,” stated Stuart Murdoch, who was recently laid off from Wabtec. “Except the pay rate, obviously.”

Besides making balloon animals, courses will include taking a pie to the face, tying comically oversized bowties and how to become an elected official.

County officials say there is a market for clown services, as children have birthdays approximately every year.

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