Coyote Who Helped Waffles Upset At Not Getting Any Credit

In an exclusive interview Gooferie is hearing from Presque Isle coyote “Peninsula Pete” about his role in assisting Corgi puppy Waffles though his 60 hour ordeal. Last Sunday Waffles went missing after wandering on to the icy breakwaters of Lake Erie. Waffles endured more than two days and nights of frigid cold until he was found on Tuesday evening. “Yeah well he didn’t endure all that on his own.” said Pete, an Eastern Coyote and longtime resident of Presque Isle State Park. “Me and my pack helped the little guy.” When asked to elaborate Pete said he first noticed Waffles struggling on the ice late Sunday evening. “We go out on the ice a lot.” said Pete. “Lots of critters get stuck on the ice this time of year and well…you know…easy meal for us.” Pete went on to say that he and his pack led Waffles off the frozen lake. “We said he could hang with us for a while. I mean just because he’s Welsh doesn’t mean a fellow canine can’t lend a helping paw, right? I have nothing against immigrants.” Pete continued to say that he made sure Waffles was safe and warm. “But we couldn’t keep him with us forever so we led him to the road where his humans could find him.” Pete then expressed his disappointment at receiving no press, thanks or recognition for his role in helping Waffles. “All we’re hearing now is Waffles, Waffles, Waffles.” said Pete. “We yotes always get the shaft.” Gooferie reached out to Waffles for a comment. We did not hear from Waffles directly but his publicist told us that Waffles has nothing to say on this subject at the present time. “He just wants everyone to know that he loves you all, thanks you for your support and will not let this new found celebrity go to his head. He will be the same humble, adorable, brave, awesome little Corgi that he has always been.”


  1. Nancy Pallan says:

    It makes sense that coyotes helped the little guy endure the very cold temps. They are under appreciated critters who keep the rodent population in check. They are very shy and elusive and pose little threat to humans.


  2. All animals have that extra sense that the Lord place on them when they were created. Is the sense that many humans lack today. Is simple compassion, for caring for those in need or in trouble. Good job for the coyote’s that help waffle.


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