Ice Dune Playground Opens at Presque Isle


Officials at Presque Isle State Park have announced the opening of an ice dune playground, adding to the winter activities at the park.

“We just got sick of telling people to stay off the ice dunes,” said park official Peter Bramall. “So, we decided to let these imbeci- uh, I mean, park visitors enjoy them.”

The playground spans the three largest ice dunes on Beach 1. The tallest dune will be open for climbing as well.

“My parents wouldn’t let me play on the ice dunes when I was a child,” said Erie resident James Murphy. “Well,  I’m not going to deny my kids the opportunity to climb all over these majestic frozen peaks.”

In addition, an out of town vendor will have a food tent to sell gazpacho, ice cream, and cold drinks.

As Murphy stood in line at the gazpacho tent; far from where his kids were playing, he explained why he loves the peninsula. “It’s so peaceful out here. I could listen to the seagulls all day. They almost sound like children yelling for help.”




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  2. Fer REAL??? Just had a friend do a dune drop over the weekend….and with only one Ranger on the park (understaffed:( …it was truly a good thing that things didn’t go more serious. Hmmm…I query WHERE ARE THE SIGNS FROM LAST YEAR – and the LED large sign at the head of the park would be “brilliant” DUNES DANGEROUS …


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