Lake Effect Snow Dries Up Lake Erie


For the first time in recorded history, Lake Erie is empty due to all the water being turned into lake effect snow which has blanketed the city of Erie.

“As we know, when cold air moves over the lake, it picks up water and deposits it as snow, “ said Meteorologist Dr. Patrick Timmells of the National Weather Service in Cleveland. “Since Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, it only took a few heavy snow bands to completely drain it.”

93-year-old John Fay, a lifelong Erie resident, says he’s never seen anything like this. “This is worse than December of 1944. Back then, only half the lake was drained. My buddy and I waded to Canada and back.”

One local fisherman plans to take advantage of the situation. “I won’t even have to take my boat off the trailer, “said Frank “Mooneye” Kapitsky. “There should be a lot of cold fish flopping around that I can just scoop up.”

According to Dr. Timmels, the lake will replenish after the snow melts in the spring.




  1. Viki Allin says:

    Loving the fun! It will be so much easier to pick up pieces of beach glass now. hehehe

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  2. This is great!


  3. Mike Alvarado says:

    You gotta be kidding me. Fuck I live in Erie. And that lake is far from drained. You gotta be a fool to believe this.


  4. Where was this photo taken?


  5. Carmella M Almquist says:

    Your headline got me for half a second, thinking of what happened to Tampa Bay. LOL Your article is so creative and is sure to make people smile.

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  6. I just drove by the bay today and there was normal amount of water. This is false news…did CNN post this? Lol


  7. MakeAmericaSmartAgain says:

    Ahhh I remember the old days when satire was satire, and people didn’t freak out and start screaming “fake news”!

    To the author, nicely done.


  8. Omg people that’s why it’s called goof erie


  9. This is Donald, FAKE NEWS AGAIN!


  10. Cindy Huffman says:

    Is this a April fools joke?!


  11. just one big fish in a small pool of water is all that can be found of all the fish in the lake
    itthe fish, a 12 foot tiger musky rumored to be living in the lagoons of Erie’s Peninsula, ate all the rest for the extra space. also,Niagra falls water has stopped falling. it is reported the local residents are all stunned by the silence and the city has made loud thumping bass is now required from the local traffic.


  12. Assuming it be true, I doubt it is, there be no water flowing over Niagara Falls. More likely to be low tide.


  13. But wouldn’t the clouds get so heavy above the lake the world would come to a stop? How would the world get to start spinning to melt the snow and fill the lake up again? What would happen if it fell in the wrong place?
    I wish these sort of things wouldn’t happen so I wouldn’t have to ask so many bloody questions.

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  14. Loll what a thought , glad too see some humor in these trying times . Wonder how much snow it would really make


  15. Where is it drained


  16. robinbird says:

    And winter just started.


  17. This isn’t even funny for satire! This is just click bait! Get a real job!

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