ERCGP Head Says Removing Child Labor Laws Will Attract Business

childlabor-12Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, reeling after county council axed their proposal to make Erie County a right to work area, is now offering what they say is an even better way to attract more businesses to the Erie community. “This is our best idea yet!” said Jake Rouch, vice president of the Chamber. “We are asking for a repeal of Erie County’s outdated child labor laws.”

Rouch went on to explain, “The industrial revolution was a fantastic time in our nation’s economy for business owners. No unions, no workers whining about 12-hour shifts or poor working conditions. We can bring prosperity like that back here to Erie!” Rouch claims the benefits of child labor are numerous. “You can make kids work long hours for little to no wages. They don’t need worker’s comp because, you know, kids are resilient and heal quickly from workplace injuries. What CEO would not love that? It’s win – win!”

When asked what other plans the Chamber had going forward Rouch shook his head and responded “Gosh. I really don’t know. You got any ideas? I mean I’ve been racking my brain for a long time and the city’s really in the dumper here.”



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