Former Erie County Farms Shoppers Gather to Share Memories, Scars


Over 50 former shoppers of the now-closed Erie County Farms gathered today outside the building to reminisce about the injuries they received while fighting over the various meats and cheeses sold at a discounted price.

“I got this scar on Memorial Day weekend in 1973,” said Jim Reilly, pointing to his left arm. “They had just put out 10 pound bags of ground beef, and there was a mad scramble for the bags. I grabbed mine and held on for dear life while others grabbed at the bag, gouging my arm in the process.” Reilly spent two days at the hospital. “I missed my family picnic, but at least they had hamburgers!”

Paul Quinn had a similar story when shopping for chicken legs. “There was a crowd waiting around the bin for the chicken legs. I tried to sneak in, but slipped and fell on the floor, which they had just bleached for the tenth time that day. I didn’t get the chicken legs, but I still have this plate in my head, and the memories.”

Reese Campbell didn’t have any physical scars to show off, but he delighted the gathering with his memory of grabbing the last ham on the day before Easter, and being sworn at in 17 different languages.

“People who didn’t go there think there was always some kind of ruckus, but it wasn’t so bad”, said Susan Gardner. “It was probably only 25 or so times that Natalie had to draw her gun.”

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