Erie County Drug Raid Takes 0.12% of Drugs Off the Streets


A law enforcement task force headed by the state Attorney General’s office arrested 15 people on drug charges today, and action that has removed over one tenth of one percent of all the drugs in Erie County.

“Efforts like this are crucial cutting off the drug supply in Erie, to stop drugs from getting to users,” according to Neil Osborne, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office. “We estimate that nearly 100 drug users will now have to find different sources.”

“We would like this raid to serve as a warning to all those engaged in drug activity,” said Osborne. “If you choose to engage in this kind of activity, remember that there is a very, very small chance that you will be arrested.”


  1. Such a shame that those 100 drug users will have to find different sources. They likely will end up taking their dope money and spend it outside of Erie. It is drug raids like these that really end up hurting the local economy.



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