Bingo from the Banana Splits Dies


In what has already been a horrible year for rock and roll, 2016 has seen the death of yet another legendary rock musician. Bingo, the gorilla drummer for the legendary Banana Splits, was found dead in his Los Angeles home early this morning.  For years Bingo had been battling an on again, off again banana addiction.  His former Splits band members were quick to respond to the drummer’s death. “He wath the betht.” said Fleegle. Snorky the elephant was overcome when hearing about the sudden loss of his former bandmate but managed to choke out these few words: “Honk, honk, honk…honk.” Drooper was the last to pay tribute remembering their adventures together. “It was the capers, man.” He said. “I’ll never forget the capers.”


  1. Keith Moon the loon says:

    This guy taught Phil Collins everything he knows, RIP.

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  2. I can’t imagine a world without Bingo!

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  3. Ian allan says:

    Gone too soon


  4. Actually Bingo’s voice was performed by veteran character actor Allan Melvin (Sgt. Bilko, Gomer Pyle USMC, the Brady Bunch, All in the Family) .I don’t know who sang Bingo’s voice.


    • I don’t think anybody asked who voiced him, or even mentioned it … it’s a joke, nothing to do with the voice actor (all of whom died some time ago) … But… since you mentioned it apparently just to blow your own horn, you are actually WRONG … The voice of Bingo was Dawes Butler … Allan Melvin was Drooper.

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  5. Bev Jones says:

    A legend in the fruit salad bowl that we call, our universe

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  6. OH NO!!!


  7. Na na na no more


  8. Listen kids…… Don’t do bananas!!

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  9. Jeffreytschaupp says:

    And now no more danger island..atom ant or manilla gorilla!!


  10. Jeffreytschaupp says:

    Magilla gorilla!!


  11. Still miss him every day. Gone too soon.


  12. Loved the Banana Splits. Bingo, you WON’T be forgotten…


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