Erie Times-News to be Printed as Pamphlet

ErieTimes 007

In yet another cost-cutting move, New Media, which recently purchased the Erie Times-News, has announced that they will print the already thin daily paper in miniature form.

“We are excited to get into the growing market of Erie, which I understand is somewhere in Pennsylvania,” said New Media president Michael Reed.  “This reduction in size is a cost cutting move, as we work to transition the Erie Times-News from a family owned local institution to an afterthought on a long list of corporate holdings. I asked many members of the Times staff about this change, but they all retired before I got any answers.”

New subscribers will receive a free magnifying glass and semi-unlimited access to


  1. Dianne bernard says:

    How very, very sad! I thoroughly enjoy reading the news daily and do the crypto quips, jumble words and crosswords. As a young senior citizen I need print to be larger, not smaller! All this change for greed.


  2. Evelyn Baker says:

    Look like I won’t be re- subscribing.
    I was thinking about calling in for larger print for these old eyes


  3. What makes it so hilarious is the close proximity to current fact….
    Ken Kempka


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