3 Run Over By Pay It Forward Truck


Tragedy struck today as three people were struck by the Pay it Forward Truck. The three victims were running to the truck to be the first one to touch it, thus earning the $300 prize. The accident happened at mile marker 35 on Interstate 90. All three victims were taken to UPMC Hamot with undisclosed injuries.

The weekly contest features clues as to the whereabouts of the truck.  “Looking back at it, maybe the middle of I-90 was a bad place to have the truck” said contest sponsor and driver Andy Gabler. “Those people didn’t even wait for me to stop; they just ran out in the middle of the highway, hoping to be the first one to touch the truck.”

State police are still on scene waiting to take a statement from Gabler. He promised the troopers he would “write it up.”


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