EMTA Tug-of-war to be Decided by Actual Tug-of-war


The fight over EMTA between Erie City Council and Erie County Council, which has been described as a “Tug-of-war” will be decided by an actual tug-of-war between the two governing bodies.

The two seven member councils have decided to resolve the impasse by having a tug-of-war on Beach 10 on Memorial Day.  However, there are still a few details to work out. County Council is resisting City Council’s idea of having the city and county government heads (Mayor Joe Sinnott and County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper, respectively) act as the anchors for the tug-of-war teams. The county says this will give the city an unfair weight advantage, but they will consider the proposal providing Mayor Sinnott refrains from singing karaoke.

The winning team will take the lead on the new charter, while the losing team will actually have to ride an EMTA bus.

Dozens Burned During First Annual Greek Sauce Run


Injuries marred the inaugural Greek Sauce Run in downtown Erie today, as scores of participants were burned by hot delicious Greek Sauce as they ran through Erie. The event was started to capitalize on the success of the Color Run, according to organizer Marv Ross. “Since people loved getting blasted with powder during the Color Run, I thought splashing Greek Sauce on them would be just as fun.”

The burns were mostly first degree, and didn’t keep most people from finishing the event. In fact, many participants enjoyed the run, none more than Kris MacColl, who ran dressed as a giant hot dog.

The run began at Perry Square and ended at the Anna Shelter, where dogs waiting to be adopted licked the participants clean.

Ross stated he plans on holding the event again next year, adding that next time, he won’t heat the sauce up as much.

Agency Goes Bankrupt


DevelopDevelopErie, the agency set up to promote the economic revitalization of struggling DevelopErie, an agency set up to promote economic revitalization in struggling Erie County, has gone bankrupt, according to court documents filed yesterday.

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper issued a press release which, in its entirety, reads, “Swear to God, can’t catch a break.”

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