Errant Cannon Fire from Niagara Deflates World’s Largest Rubber Duck


Tragedy struck at Erie’s Tall Ships Festival this morning when a cannon from the Niagara misfired and shot a cannonball into the world’s largest rubber duck, deflating it within minutes.

Witnesses say the giant duck was floating about 30 yards from the Niagara when the shot was fired. “It’s a shame,” said festival patron Ernie, no last name given. “I’m awfully fond of that rubber ducky.”

Repairs are already underway as workers have gathered over 100 rolls of duck tape to patch up the hole.

The owners of the duck, Big Duck LLC, plan on sending the bill to the Niagara League. They will also submit an invoice for damages.


  1. James Bullock says:

    The pun on words are just too funny lol. Looked good when she was up in Owen Sound. Guess that shot must have really knocked the wind out of her.


  2. No body saw the follow up story? Pressed duxk dinner donated to homeless sailees after the event?

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  3. I guess nobody pays attention to the date this was posted?


  4. That was in September of 2016!!!


  5. Michelle says:

    The ships name is Niagra it’s not in Niagra


  6. I hope that this is not fake but I think it’s too funny to be real.


  7. never mind the date. The news site is titled “GOOFERIE

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  8. DUCK tape.. nice


  9. faithdentay says:

    RIP Rubber Ducky! I love the little rubber ducky’s floating around her on vigil.
    Hope 100 rolls of duck tape will be enough to fix her!


  10. That pics from midland on sunday.
    I was there and they were deflating it around 4pm


  11. Apparently a sailor tried to avert the tragedy and yelled “duck” but the little floater just thought someone was calling his name


  12. Revenge of Florentijn Hofman?



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