Sara’s Restaurant Prepares for Media Onslaught


An annual spring swarm is about to descend on Erie, although this one is mostly harmless. It’s the swarm of media that has gathered at Sara’s restaurant near Presque Isle to cover their opening day, which is seen as a rite of passage in the Erie area.

“My news director sends me here twice a year” said one unnamed local reporter. “Opening day; and in the fall when they close. I think he knows the guy who owns it. I have to remember to bring back a hot dog for our anchor or else he’ll ask me a question I’m not prepared for during the live shot.”

Eve Hartling, a visitor to Presque Isle from Pittsburgh, noticed all the media vehicles and stopped to see what the big story was. “Is the president here? Did a UFO land? I can’t seem to figure out what’s happening, but it must be pretty big to have all these media people around.”

Down the road, the owners of Steve-o’s Pizza stared at the media assemblage and shook their heads, thinking about all the money they spend on advertising.

Local Man Still Doesn’t Understand Erie Spring Cleanup Rules


Upon hearing that Erie’s single-item Spring Cleanup program will begin soon, eastside resident Jody Porter immediately dragged nearly a dozen pieces of broken down furniture and electronic appliances to the curb in front of his house, where it will sit for the next month at least.

Neighbors tried to remind him that the rules allow only one large item per week, but Porter isn’t worried. “I’ve been bringing out ten to fifteen items each year, and they all eventually disappear. Except this sofa…it’s been here a few years.”  Porter added, “I’d like to talk more, but I have to get in my pickup truck and see what my neighbors are throwing out. I got some good stuff last year – including most of what I put out this year.”

City officials plan to issue a littering citation to Porter if they can find his front door.

Local Man Devastated by Closing of Old Country Buffet


Erie resident Turner Donaldson says hearing the news of the recent closing of the Old Country Buffet restaurant felt like a punch to his formidable gut. “I can’t believe it,” said Donaldson. “I’ve been going there for almost 20 years. The staff always reserved my special table; the one closest to the fried chicken.”

Donaldson was preparing for one of his thrice weekly visits to OCB when his wife broke the news. “Before my wife told me, she said I should sit down. Of course, I was already sitting down, but that didn’t soften the blow.”

When asked what he will miss most about his favorite restaurant, Donaldson said, “I guess I’ll miss Thursday family night the most, because kids are easier to push out of the way at the carved meat station.”

When told that Golden Corral was still open, Donaldson replied “I’m not going there. I have my standards, you know.”

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